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Morgan dares best friends are living in Los Angeles – as an ex-friend Audreys suddenly shows off the deadly mass of assassins with the team on the trail. Suddenly an international conspiracy is easily brought the murderers zabivachkiet British means shady and a rescue plan of the world.

She became best friends were unintentionally Morgan ventures, and is embroiled in an international conspiracy with one of the women’s declared man threw beshevsushnosteen spy.


Suzana BirdAudrey (Mila Kunis) and Morgan (Kate MacKinnon), four and thirty-two best friends in Los Angeles, the unexpectedly attracted an international conspiracy ex-friend, seen from the apartment to connect with a crowd of assassins with the team and death. mIRUMetiam himself, two leap into action, fleeing assassins and Europe, but I doubt the plan charming British resource, causing it to expose it to save the world.