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Located in Japan, the insular dog should have a boy odyssey in search of his damaged dogs.


Outbreak of influenza flu, Wes Anderson, Megasaki, Japanese Kobayashi and the mayor, we asked that all the dogs were sent to the shopping basket. On the island, a young boy named Atari went to search for a damaged dog, a point with five other obstacles on the way.

Featuring: Arnett, Chris Ludacris Bridges, Natasha Lyonne, Zhordin Sparks, Gabriel Iglesias,O’Neill, Alan Cumming and Stanley Tucci, the SHOWDOGS family comedy about a couple unlikely to find Man (Arnett) and his dog partner (voice of Chris Ludacris Bridges), who is going to go under cover in the world exhibition to special solve the matter most of them find .

IslandSchooling (2018)