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Meet the Designer of the Designer of the Creator – a program designed to create a colorful mark. This program already has the weight of different templates templates. In addition, the software continues to import image designs. Read more about the software and download the Laughingbird Creator of the Logo may be low.

Software is simple: select one of the many templates and modify everything in your heart (select from itemsmany contain or edit your image). Work involves the lack of Russian language. Main features: – Delete and restore the last step – resize, rotate and change the transparency of each element – reflection, 3D effects and mirrors – shades, gradients, strokes and cross-border scenes – writing text on the circle – pictures that color and color background or background – support for functional features – text support: changing color, size, font, distance, etc. This program is as important as the manufacturer ofnetwork, create logo scores, and create videos or screenshots. There are about 200 templates already ready for work and more than 300 items already used graphic, creative space, and much more. Finishing logos may have different image designs. This is a great software, download, develop and use, as you wish, good luck to create your logo.

How to install:

1-Disable internet connection or use firewall to prevent all links created by the logo creativity program.

2-Include Full Package Package as a moderator.

3- Copy the folder for “Laughingbird Document” on the document. (Computers / Documents under the library).

4 is happy

Developer: The Laughingbird program

License: Participants (license)


Size: MB

OS: Windows

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