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Inspired by real events. Once the hollow stem 50 is in the power of the world, thousands of miles from the San Francisco. Built by Winchester (Oscar winner Helen Mirren), heir to the Winchester fortune: This house, which has no end. Built in a continuous 24-hour team, seven days a week for decades, even what he has seven floors hundred double rooms. Lay aside the insanity of her unspeakable love a stranger: the monument of the ladies seems to act like a madman. However, there Sarahaedificare himself, his niece (Sarah Snook) or a genius Dr. Eric Price (Jason Clark):This is called home. He that buildeth his stories in the prison, an asylum for vengeance, on account of the envy of a hundred of spirits, Winchesters, and of them the inhabitants of the scariest, to make, and it is a point.