VirtualBox Windows 7/8 Update download


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VirtualBox is a free open source solution for virtual operating system execution on your VirtualBox, you can install any operating system versions like Linux, Solaris and other Windows versions (provided you have the original installation files, of course) and type them out of the Windows version currently. The first thing you notice in VirtualBox is very easy to configure and use. VirtualBox keeps your hand in the whole process, so do not ever leave you (function() {(“desktop application overview”);}); Integrity with your own environment is very impressive. VirtualBox allows you to declare a specific host folder as a “shared folder”, which you can then open from the operating system you use in VirtualBox. In addition, a simple USB device connection – VirtualBox automatically detects a new device and asks if you want to use it. Unfortunately, there is no drag and drop functionality for your own desktop for VirtualBox, but it is providedfree, you really do not want to pay for commercial solutions and require a virtual operating system for limited use, VirtualBox is more than enough.