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GIMP is a free open-source tool that lets you create and edit data for over two decades and has been developed for many years. The latest GIMP update offers many new features and an insight into the future of this amazing Open Source image (Function () {(“Review Desktop application page”);}); Functions All GIMP functions are still available. You can create your own images using tools for airbrush, pen writing, cloning and grading. advanced usersYou cancreate your own brushes and patterns for later use. GIMP also allows you to edit photos imported into the program. You can trim, add text, resize and create nested layers. There is even a way to revive your supplements. The GIMP program is now updated with many user interface settings to make the program available to beginners. The biggest application of the interface is the possibility to edit the window. Versions of the past GIMP criticizedfor complicated interface, but developers solve many of these problems in this latest version, despite the fact that the mode in the excellent window is in fact also not disappointing you can have many projects with updated functions, including simple text editing, nested groups and layers more complex using the Generic Graphics Library (GEGL) Displaying the structure of the display. Gegl warvor several years presented in the development version and now divided into sable, versionconsumers. GIMP developers hope to completely go to the geg version of GEGL one-time use of the most important GIMP tools, this ability to process and high bit depth now beizubehaltenspeichert only its own XCF format for storing levels and other information about file processing. Users can choose JPEG and PNG save, but you must export the project instead of saving. This is Adobe’s footprint, the latest GIMP is better than ever. Its creators seriouslyuser experience and accelerate the development of this extraordinary photoPovnyy list of changes, see the full list of changes can be found here to see given.